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About Australian Bush Flower Essences

Australian Bush Flower Essences
Australian Bush Flower Essences were developed by Ian White, B.Sc., N.D., D.B.M., who is third generation herballist, and is a qualified naturopath with 20 plus years of experience in the field.  These essences are natural agents of change, and facilitate change in states of disease by working on cell memory, and they are self balancing, so correct imbalances in the mind and body.


All essences come from Australian plants, and are made in Australia.  They treat a range of issues, from more complex illness to clearing creative blocks, and are brilliant for first aid.  They are fast acting, portable, and cover a wide range of uses.


Light Frequency Essences

Ian White discovered these essences as a natural progression from the 69 Australian Bush Flower Essences, and there are seven of these.  They are deep acting and have many beneficial effects:

  1. Antarctic Essence
  2. Arctic Essence
  3. Amazon Essence
  4. China Essence
  5. Lake Baikal Essence
  6. Madagascar Essence
  7. Mt. Pinatubo Essence


Crest Hermitage – Essences and Consultations

Helpful Information


Here are some helpful notes about using Australian Bush Flower Essences and having Consultations:

  1. If you are taking medication for an existing health condition, please do not break the dosage or discontinue it. The essences work with any modality, enhance healing on many levels, and will not interfere with any allopathic medical regimes.
  2. The essences are all natural, you cannot take too much or overdose.
  3. The usual dosage is seven drops under the tongue in the morning on rising, and in the evening on retiring, unless otherwise recommended.
  4. All essences are preserved in about one quarter brandy. Please advise of any allergy or aversion to this spirit, and it can be excluded. The essence simply won’t have a long shelf life, but this does not matter for a two week period.
  5. Essences are also mixed with three quarters water, which is pure rain water.Most essence periods are two weeks
  6. The essences are fast acting and produce change, sometimes so subtle it can be amazing. Be sure to keep some kind of journal, even if you lead a busy lifestyle and it is in point form, as this gives an indication of the benefits achieved and grounds the journey. Most initial consultations take one hour at a cost of $60. Half an hour is $30. Essences are priced at $10 for single and $12 for multi. Room sprays are $10 for single, and $12 for multi. Dose bottle sizes are 25 ml for essences and 50 ml for sprays. Creams are also available in many varieties on request.
  7. Light Frequency Essences are priced at $25 for 15 ml.
  8. The practice also operates as a drop in clinic. There is a first aid help set available with some often used essences you can manage at home, listed on a separate brochure. Please ask if you are interested. For this reason, first aid help bottles can be replaced without a consultation, unless one is specifically requested, when it runs out. Emergency Essence in included in this set, as it is the most used for stress and upsets.
  9. The essences are related to the chakras and colours. A set of chakra colours centred on the rose spiral have been developed by me for the practice over the past years, and nature magnets are also available. Both types can be put on the fridge at home or the filing cabinet at work, in order to help the healing stay on centre. More can be explained about this if requested. Usually a case of disease will centre on or near one of the chakras, and meditating colour into area is an incredibly powerful practice.
  10. Children especially benefit from this method, as they are very attracted to colour and feel an affinity with it in the way they play and choose their preferences, which are often by colour.
  11. The essences work quickly on children and animals, because they have more connection with the natural world, as they spend a lot of time in the world of imagination and outdoors. Any time spent in nature and outdoors, however short it is for busy people of today, is beneficial to healing.
  12. This practice does not recommend radical changes in lifestyle or diet.  Change will occur naturally as it eventuates through the course of healing and/or healing cycle. There is no need to worry about alterations to any type of diet or behaviours, as these will come into balance naturally when the time is right.. In acute cases, one week prescriptions are more usual, until the situation settles.     

Wishing you the best of health and wisdom in understanding your own authentic and individual healing process!

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